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New Products at The Healing Hut

What’s New at The Healing Hut Dispensary

$100 – Introducing Cannarillo Cannagars by Smiling Buddah Inc – a high class, personally handcrafted flower, rosin and dry sift cannabis cigar rolled in organic cannabis leaves. Created to be slow-burning and powerful, with great airflow.

Available now, online and in-store in two great flavours: Faceoff OG and White Walker

Pre-rolled Top-Shelf Flower Joints - Sativa, Hybrid & Indica

$6 – Our premium pre-rolled joints are made with top-shelf flower only and are available in sativa, hybrid and indica marijuana strains.

$22Moonrock Canada Pre-Rolls – natural or flavored bud, drenched in honey oil and powdered in kief for a delicious, mind-blowing and clean burning party joint.


Becoming a member of The Healing Hut Dispensary is easyvisit our registration page and upload a picture of your gov’t-issued ID showing that you’re 19+ • First time orders receive 10% off (coupon code: NEW10) and a free premium pre-roll • Free shipping on orders over $200

Cannabis Strains:

Tropicana - Sativa Cannabis Strain

Tropicana – Super-high myrcene and limonene terpene levels in this tasty strain. With a powerful, uplifting high at over 27% THC, Tropicana is a potent cross between Pineapple x Kali Mist and Northern Lights #5 x Haze. Due to it’s incredibly high terpene levels, this strain has a tremendous lime/citrus tangerine and berry flavour.

Citrique – flavourful sativa, El Muerte – dank indica, MK Ultra – hypnotic indica, Blueberry – relaxing, pain relieving indica


$18 – Old School Black Hash

A great blast from the past. Looks like the hash from yesteryear but is more potent and tastes better.

Blonde Hash (Kief) – powdered, unpressed hash, multiple strains, including: UK Cheese, Romulan, Violator Kush and Watermelon


Live Resin by Diamond ConcentratesDiamond Concentrates Live Resin

5 new flavours of Diamond Live in stock. Pink Tangie, Khalifa Kush, Skywalker OG





Maple Leaf Extractions HCE/HTELemon Larry High Cannabinoid Extract (HCE)

Incredibly powerful and tasty concentrates! High Terp Extracts and High Cannabinoid Extracts by MLE are back

Viridesco Oil – Whole Spectrum Cannabis Oil – great for smoking, vaping, edible and topical needs. Multiple strains available: Winterized King’s Kush, Romulan Oil, Pink Kush x White Russian, Pink Kush x Blue Rhino & Sour Diesel.


New Edibles

Cannabis Olive Oil - 200ml - Cannalife BotanicalsOur Cannalife Cannabis-infused Olive Oil is back at The Healing Hut – Everyone loves a good bottle of olive oil, but ours is even better.

Medicated Water Enhancer by Family Bros

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