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Mail Order Marijuana in Canada Today

Cannabis Products Online – Shipping, Payments and Selection

In 2018, buying marijuana by mail in Canada has never been easier – and as positive public perception of marijuana increases, buying mail order marijuana online in Canada is more popular than ever. Now that recreational weed is becoming legal and online dispensaries have made sure that registering to buy weed is super-easy, more and more Canadians are choosing to buy quality and hard-to-find marijuana products online. There are now thousands of marijuana products being shipped daily across Canada by fine cannabis shops and dispensaries like The Healing Hut Dispensary, in Gibsons, BC.

Where Can I Find Mail Order Marijuana in Canada?

Right now, nationwide in Canada, you can find and purchase a vast array of marijuana products online at great sites like The Healing Hut Online Dispensary.

Nearly every marijuana product you can think of can be found online in Canada, like top-shelf marijuana strains, marijuana edibles like Jelly Bomb gummies, cannabis-infused chocolate barsbrownies, tinctures, cannabis oil, arthritis balm, cannabis salve, lotions and canna-capsules. Pain and anxiety relief medication, with no psycho-active effects like CBD (Cannabadiol) in many different forms are widely available in Canada. For those wanting to vape cannabis oil in a pen-style kit there are potent and proven vape cartridges and complete Flyte Pen Kits from Flyte Concentrates. Potent Cannabis extracts such as shatter, budder, live resin, THC distillate & high-cannabinoid and high-terpanoid extracts can all be found online in Canada and all of these products and more can be found online at our shop.

How is Marijuana Shipped in Canada?


In Canada, the shipping service used for mailing marijuana products is Canadapost Xpresspost. Xpresspost is a dependable and fast shipping method that gets the package to the customer between 2-5 business days depending on the location in Canada. It includes a tracking number with delivery confirmation so that the customer can monitor the progress of their package. Shipping by Canada Post Xpresspost by the next business day ensures all orders will arrive in 2-5 business days across Canada.


At The Healing Hut we carefully vacuum-seal and bubble wrap our marijuana prior to packing and shipping.

How do I Pay for Marijuana Purchases Online in Canada?

Canadian online dispensaries, like The Healing Hut Dispensary, accept Interac e-Transfer – which is an easy way to transfer money between email addresses. At the end of checkout, customers login to their bank account and use the email transfer function to transfer payment to the specified email address. (The Healing Hut’s specified email address:

Buying Marijuana at The Healing Hut Online Dispensary

Visit the registration page, upload your ID showing that you’re 19+ and in 24 hours or less you’ll receive approval by email. After that you may login, purchase marijuana products and have them delivered to you anywhere in Canada. First-time orders receive 10% off (coupon code: NEW10), and a free premium pre-rolled joint. 

Free shipping on orders over $200.

Thanks and have a great day from all of us at The Healing Hut!

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