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Cannabis Definitions

What is THC, CBD, Sativa, Indica and Hybrid?

Just a few years ago cannabis-enthusiasts were mainly interested in seeking out the strongest weed possible – with little recourse in which to understand what they were smoking, vaping or eating.

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Usually what they found were strong indica hybrids that would produce a massive euphoric & body-numbing high that they would eventually pass out from. Other times seemingly less potent, but more paranoia-inducing weed was procured.

Without good cannabis definitions, users haven’t been able to understand what they’re taking, and that has led quite a few cannabis users to have unwanted and/or unpleasant experiences.

Now all that has changed. We now know quite well how the different components of cannabis can effect both the body and mind. Consequently, there are now new marijuana strains that have been bred to inspire focus and clarity, and others that can actually increase energy.

High-CBD hybrid and sativa-dominant strains such as Harlequin have been known to lessen anxiety and improve mood/depression. While high-CBD indica strains can decrease aches and pain and effectively “numb” the body. Whether they are indica, hybrid or sativa, strains with a high-CBD content are the true medical marijuana strains.

Here are some helpful cannabis definitions of some of the terminology used in the cannabis world today:


Sativa strains are well known for providing creativity and energy. Some sativa cannabis strains give the user a nice burst of energy – while others have a stronger, more intense cerebral effect that makes sound and visuals more stimulating and can take a user just about anywhere they can imagine. They can also produce hallucinations. These can be particularly useful for meditation and spiritual journeys. Sativas: fight depression, stimulate, provide energy, are a cerebral or “head high”, they’re uplifting and help with focus and creativity.


Indica cannabis is for the most part, the potent “bc bud” or “kush” weed that has become popular in the last 20-30 years. Renowned for their potency, many indica strains can feel a lot stronger than the compressed and imported weed of yesteryear. They primarily affect the body, causing less euphoria than sativas while being far more relaxing and hypnotic. So relaxing in fact that indicas have been known to numb the body, relieve pain and stress while also greatly helping with insomnia. Indicas are: deeply relaxing, great for chilling out, provides a “body high”, relieves stress and anxiety, helps with nausea and increases appetite.


Hybrid cannabis strains are a combination of Sativa and Indica strains into one. These can vary widely between sativa-dominant strains that give a user energy and/or creativity while being a little more relaxing than pure sativas, and Indica-dominants that have a small cerebral sativa effect while numbing the body, relieving pain and putting the user into an hypnotic state. A little bit of both worlds.


THC is Tetrahydrocannabinol the primary component of cannabis that gets a user “high”.


CBD is Cannabidiol – an isolate of cannabis that has been found to have strong pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties. Taken on it’s own, CBD will not get a user “high” since there is no THC or other active components of cannabis in it. CBD is well known for reducing the effects of arthritis by increasing mobility and relieving deep tissue pain from injuries. CBD can also decrease anxiety, and consequently, high-CBD strains of cannabis are less likely to induce paranoia.

One of the most popular methods of taking CBD is ingesting CBD orally in an oil form by placing a drop under the tongue for a sublingual administration. CBD Oil is available in our store in MCT-oil and alcohol based tinctures, orally administered syringes and mouth sprays. CBD is also available in capsules and cbd gummies. CBD is destined to be a staple for Canadians seeking pain, stress and anxiety relief without getting “high” at all. A great alternative to common pain relief medication.

Stay tuned for more helpful cannabis-related information and cannabis definitions.

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